Rabin Square competition a Tel Aviv

This square has been conceived of as the image of a land where people live, build and work searching for and preserving peace.
The paving has been made of raw stone-slabs which hint at a primordial landscape.
Big inclined planes form some terraces facing the centre of the square where several groups of people can gather.
Narrow and shallow streams flow from the outside of the square in the fissures of the stones.
On the bottom of these artificial streams Mr. Rabin’s words of peace are engraved.
Next to the existing monument the fire of memory burns among the flowing streams.
The water reaches and feeds an area arranged in a simple geometry where regular rows of vines and orange trees grow in a lawn.
On the external border of the square there are some metallic constructions like artificial trees which stretch ropes, chains and beams where plane and perforated slabs of different colours and metals are placed.
These slabs protect the people who gather there and through them it will be possible to see – with a wonderful effect – the rising and the setting of the sun and of the moon and shining stars.

  • Progetto

    Studio di Architettura Raffin, Stefano Tessadori

  • Località

    Tel Aviv

  • Anno